Saturday, January 7, 2012

Weight watchers points

If you wish to maintain your weight watchers points, this report is for you.
This is a review of one of Mike Geary's report where he explains how
this Odd Hormone KILLS Cravings + Boosts Metabolism

I want to talk today about a relatively unknown hormone called PYY. What exactly is "PYY" and how does it kill your cravings and boost metabolism?

Well, PYY is a hormone in your body called Peptide YY. PYY is an important hormone that that controls your appetite and signals you to stop eating.

PYY has also been shown to increase your leptin sensitivity, which is a good thing. If you've read my book or a lot of my past newsletters, you already know that leptin is an important hormone that keeps your metabolism humming in high gear!

So how do we increase PYY so that we can control our appetite best when considering the quantity of calories we've ingested? Great question and surprisingly, I have a simple answer for you...

Proteins and fats increase PYY in your body to a great extent. Carbohydrates do almost nothing for PYY.

Therefore, if you've been following my advice and eat a nice hearty protein and healthy fat rich breakfast such as whole eggs, veggies, healthy grass-fed meats, and avocado, you'll increase your PYY and control your appetite for the rest of the day so well, that you'll easily control your caloric intake without much effort.

However, if you've ignored my advice, and continue to eat the typical american breakfast of cereals, muffins, toast, bagels, orange juice, and sugar-loaded coffees... your appetite the rest of the day is going to be ravenous and very hard to control as you've done nothing to stimulate appetite-killing PYY in your body.

And just to clarify, high fiber cereals and bran muffins are still total junk and are not necessary nor optimal for good health or fat loss. Our great grandparents 100 years ago ate bacon and eggs for breakfast, NOT cereals...yet they stayed lean and without heart disease or diabetes. Cereals are a marketing invention with high profit margins that has successfully fooled the population into believing that cereal is somehow a better breakfast than traditional protein-based breakfasts.

If you don't like eggs for breakfast or don't have time to make them, seek out another high protein, high fat (healthy fat) based breakfast such as a protein meal replacement such as PG Lean with added almond butter and coconut milk for extra healthy fats... this is a great PYY-increasing, appetite-controlling breakfast if you don't have time to cook.

...Or maybe have hard boiled eggs and veggie sticks prepared the night before to take on the road with you if you don't feel like you have time to make eggs each morning.

I hope today's nutrition tip helps you... remember, it's ALL about protein and healthy fats to control appetite and maximize your good hormones, and give you stable energy... on the other hand, those typical carb-dominated breakfasts (the typical american breakfast of cereal, toast, bagels, or muffins) just destroy your ability to control your appetite and also keep you on a wild blood sugar ride all morning, throwing insulin out of whack along the way... not good!

If you want to see another relatively unknown hormone that can help make you lean (if optimized) or can make you fat (if not optimized) ... you must Click here to check this video.

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