What Is Metabolism

  What Is Metabolism And Why It Matters

Metabolism is the most used and most underestimated terminology in the world of Body Fitness.

Do we really understand metabolism? Many a times I have heard conversation like, Oh, Serah recommended this food as it is really a low fat one which was recommended by her boy friend who is a fitness trainer. Be very careful of these kinds of gossip discussions because you need to do your research seriously before concluding what you should eat and how you should exercise. I have seen many a times that people have gained weight when they started eating low fat food which were full of carbohydrates and proteins.
I have already discussed about Carbohydrates in my earlier post. But what about protein? Well, there is nothing wrong with it but it all depends on what kind of life style you have? Are you one of those persons who drive to work, sit on a chair in front of computer and drive back home at 5'O clock? If yes, then protein is doing more harm to you than any good.

Let us go back to our original question and learn about metabolism. Metabolism is nothing but a process which holds key to your body fitness program.
Metabolism is nothing but a process to convert food into energy. That is why sometimes it is called Metabolic process. If your metabolism is inefficient or slow, what ever efforts you put to improve your body fitness, either it will have no affect on your body or a very little affect. So, Metabolism holds the key to your success as far as your weight loss or diet plans results are concerned.
But the main problem here is that metabolic process is not just single dedicated process which can be rectified easily. It is a result of numerous functions and other chemical processes that take place every second in our body. Optimizing all these processes result efficient and fast metabolism.
One of the few main functions of the metabolism can also be termed as a kind of healing process which is attained by creating tissues and cells as and when required. When we get injured, this function immediately starts building injured tissues and cells. This function is known as Anabolism. Now let us see the whole body functioning in a different perspective. When we are jogging, our heart beats increases and the body temperature goes up and hence we require more energy. This is achieved by yet another function which converts food into energy and this function of metabolic process is known as Catabolism. So as you can see here Metabolic process is built up by a few functions which may be opposite in nature. Anabolism does the job of creation where Catabolism does the job of conversion. Because of this nature of Metabolic process, it is figuratively sometimes termed as healing process.
So it is now obvious that the whole weight loss game not only depends on Calories (energy) that we intake but also, on how these Calories are used, and this usage is defined by our metabolism. Unless we boost our metabolism, none of our efforts will get us desired results.
Let us analyze the process again with respect to how and what we eat. Problem here is body will accept any type or amount of Calories we feed it. Metabolizing process will take place either by Anabolism function or by Catabolism function. If we feed our body with 100 Calories of energy followed by optimized exercise, these Calories will be converted to create cells and tissues (Catabolism) or break the existing cells and tissues to release the energy. If we are feeding 100 Calories of energy to the body and release 60 Calories by jogging (via Catabolism function) then the rest of the 40 Calories will be used to build cells and tissues (Normally Fat) by the Anabolism function.
Don't you now realize that how Energy (Calories), Metabolism and the weight loss are so closely interrelated? Also, if one has muscular body, muscles need energy and that is why muscular people are able to burn their calories very easily. That is why, fitness trainers, emphasize on building lean muscle along with regular exercise helps us boost our Metabolism.
Now, since you know the whole Metabolic process, I will discuss how to boost our Metabolism in my next post.

Nature Heals

It is no more a hidden fact that Pharmaceutical companies are only filling their pockets with dollars by maintaining a status quo on your health instead of coming out with new cure or a solution for your health.
These companies are actually hiding facts by not telling you that so many various diseases can be simply cured by eating easily available fruits, vegetables and herbs. Instead of informing you about these facts, they intend to develop medicines simply by extracting ingredients from the fruits and vegetables available in abundance and then sell you these medicines at astronomical prices? Do you know that today medicines for diabetes alone is a $40 billion dollar industry and is estimated to be doubled in another 10 years? Which company will not try to keep this diabetic epidemic as it is, for filling their bank balance?
A few months back, I came across this amazing online course which provided me some amazing facts about what we eat and what is their in our food. I attribute my recent good health to this amazing program, The Miracle Cure.
And for me, this is really a life changing program.

Although it may look weird but as I progressed through The Miracle Cure, it became more apparent to me.  The Miracle Cure is nothing but all about chemical therapy: oxygen therapy to be precise. It is used in various forms such as hydrogen peroxide therapy, oxidative solutions and hyperbaric oxygen therapy, for maintaing and improving our health.
Actually, oxidative therapy was already being practiced in 18th century. Despite the fact that it has been around for some time, it never did gain any traction, even though government agencies are also using similar therapies like the ones which are explained in Kevin Richardson’s The Miracle Cure.
In this time of the century, many harmful bacteria and viruses are absolutely thriving in our environment. They infect our body and cause great damage to it, right from the cellular level. They alter our DNA and mutate our cells and cause cancer and various other conditions.
Usually, we have to consult our general practitioner and dose ourselves with antibiotics or even go through exorbitant treatments and be hospitalized in order to get better.
However these bacteria and viruses are all afraid of something, which is not medication and stuff. Their Achilles heel is oxygen. Oxygen stops them in their tracks and destroys them.
One of the most useful chemicals recommended in The Miracle Cure is hydrogen peroxide.
I’m sure you may be familiar with hydrogen peroxide, which has been used to treat infections, that liquid which causes bubbling when your mum pours it over the scrape or scratch from play?
The bubbling is actually due to the interaction between the germs and the hydrogen peroxide. It is this interaction which destroys the germs, to put in simple terms.
However, hydrogen peroxide isn’t exactly recommended by doctors, because all they want is to line their pockets with your hard-earned money, instead getting you to spend all other frivolous treatment and medication, when hydrogen peroxide can just do the trick and restore health back to you!
Hydrogen peroxide, or H2O2, is easily available as an antiseptic, and you do not need to spend big bucks on what that weaslely doctor is advising you to!
Although FDA is not forbidding use of medicinal H2O2 in the States, such treatments are labeled as “experimental”. This means that health insurance is unlikely to give the nod for your claims.
Among the conditions which demonstrated the effectiveness of hydrogen peroxide are: acne, bee stings, measles, sore throat, whooping cough, among some.
With the other therapies as further elaborated in The Miracle Cure, such as ozone therapy and hyperbaric oxygen therapy, other conditions can be tackled, such as anemia, bronchitis, diabetes, herpes, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis and shingles and more.
In fact, ozone therapy is steadily being regarded as the holy grail of the two most devastating medical conditions ever – HIV and cancer. Yet, due to greed, ozone therapy is unable to gain any foothold, and many people are deprived of the chance of the Miracle in their lives!
To be honest, The Miracle Cure is one of the best investments I have made so far, among others.
My friend was suffering from gastritis, and he told me that he is healed now. The reason why he was recommending it to me was due to this bout of pneumonia I was suffering from.
As of now, I have fully recovered from pneumonia. My lungs have just been given the clear and I have never felt better before. The doctor is amazed and shocked at my recovery. Little does he know the truth!
Speaking of investments, you'll be amazed by the price Kevin is asking for The Miracle Cure. Frankly, it is quite ridiculously affordable as compared to some of the other health programs.
So grab The Miracle Cure while you can. I'm telling you guys, you won't regret it.

The Miracle Cure Review

Like me, do you keep buying inspirational books to improve various aspects of your life? I have been doing it for many years now. But what really impressed me recently, is a health guide course designed by Kevin Richardson known as The miracle Cure
It is such a debatable topic that I have to admit, having heard of The Miracle Cure for the first time, I wasn't very convinced. Is there ever a Cure out there, no matter what it may be targeted for? Or is it just some more mumbo-jumbo?
First, I’d have to say that there’s quite a bit of theory and stuff inside The Miracle Cure.
But hey, it is not excessive to me, because it adequately illustrates the important studies and research done to explain about The Miracle Cure, especially relevant to the skeptic me.
By now, you must be very curious. What is the Miracle Cure I’m talking about?
Well, it is about the most easily accessible “medicine” in the whole world, medicine which can literally save your life. Medicine for which you won’t have to turn your wallet inside out just to get well – oxygen.
The premise of The Miracle Cure is centered on oxygen.

We may think that we only need food and water in order to live. But, in fact, we need much much more to survive. We can survive without food and water for a few days. Without oxygen after a few minutes however, we’re a gone case.
But the underlying reason for The Miracle Cure is all about diseases and medical conditions which threatened our health every moment in life. Click Here for more details.

Not that I’m trying to frighten you, but danger is everywhere in the world out there. We fall sick, we get infected, we run into huge debts due to hospitalization – all these are real-life worries we have to face in life.
That is why The Miracle Cure is so important; because the overall benefits are simply astounding.
We have ailments and sicknesses which range from the common ones like acne, allergies, headaches, influenza to the more complicated and deadly ones like burns, gangrene, Parkinson’s disease, HIV, cancer and so on.
And the common link to The Miracle Cure?
Well, they can all be treated with the various therapies as outlined in The Miracle Cure!
No joke about it, yes, even cancer.
And cured by oxygen!
Throughout The Miracle Cure, the well-documented case studies, research and anecdotes gives you a rare insight into the therapies and cures, of which the government has dabbled in some cases, but seemingly refusing to allow the therapies official recognition.
The Miracle Cure is divided into 2 main chapters. The first section, The Therapies, elaborate on 3 therapies very much in practice now: Ozone Therapy, Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy and Hyberbaric Oxygen Therapy. The theme of the second section, The Cures, is focused on oxidative therapies.
But what does this have to do with you and me, the average man on the street?
The Miracle Cure is NOT just about theory and theory and more research details.
Kevin Richardson provides us with techniques within which we can use in order to introduce the much important oxygen into our body and allow it to work the Miracle within and restore our health.
It is affordable and full of useful information within, perfectly good for starting your journey to a healthy life.
Your health is worth it!
It is worth a try. Click Here for details.

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