Friday, March 7, 2014

My Second Day Of Counseling To Teach Us How To Quit smoking.

How to Quit Smoking Day2

I entered the discussion room at 6:30 PM and the session started with the previous week's overview. Everybody shared high and lows of the week and some people really did quite well. I had promised to make my car a smoke free car which I almost achieved. After stopping to smoke in the car only I realized how many cigarettes I was smoking in the car. It was difficult but still I managed. Also, I was smoking much less as my daily routine demands that I am in the car most of the time.
Facts About Smoking
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This discussion was followed by a quick presentation by the psychologist, and I found many facts about cigarettes which I did not know about. Have you ever thought why cigarettes keeps burning if left on the ground after it is lighted up where cigars extinguish immediately? This is because the manufacturers add sugar in the tar very cleverly which enhances the taste but adds up carbon dioxide in the smoke that you inhale.
Also, the craving for cigarettes lasts only for few minutes and it becomes easier to deal with over time. Actually this craving oscillates, it peaks after a few minutes and then slowly comes down and after sometimes it again peaks. We need to learn how to handle when the craving peaks.
We also understood that smoking is more of a habit than an addiction. Every smoker has associated this habit with something else, like some of them need it when they take coffee, many of them feel that they must smoke when they drink, many need a cigarette when they go to toilet etc. What I mean to say that it becomes difficult to break this habit when the habit is associated with other daily functions.
It was a good discussion and again we made targets for the coming week. I decided to increase the interval between two cigarettes.

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