Friday, March 7, 2014

Do You Really Need Anti Aging Supplements

Why Our Body Shows Signs Of Aging As We Chronologically Grow Old:

Today the market is full of Anti Aging supplements and Creams. People just want to maintain their youthfulness forever. But unfortunately, nothing seems to be working. Nothing seems to be working because we always tend to find our answers in this materialistic world in a very materialistic way and we do that because we are very comfortable with our materialistic approach where we can see things, we can touch things and finally we can own things. In that process, we forget that it is the energy that creates matter and not vice versa. Instead of working on the level of vibrations, feelings and energy we start giving our attention to dead materialistic objects.

Do you know that our body completely changes in just 2 years? Our body has capability to adapt with the new circumstances. Let me explain, when we are in our 20s, we have many desires, we have many goals to meet and hence our body has to biologically keep up to fulfill our desires etc. If you need to work overnight to meet a target related to your business presentation next day, your body creates that extra energy to do that. This is just a small example but actually your body responds to your day to day needs and desires by altering your biological functions. That is how metabolism works.

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With time, we either become too contended or we accept defeat and limit our desires. In some cases we desire something but the excitement associated with the desire is no where in comparison to the excitement when we were in our 20s. And since our body is adaptable to various circumstances, it adapts itself with this new realty that it need not work that hard to keep up a vibrant body. That is when it starts manifesting the first sign of aging.

If we want to continue to keep a youthful body as we grow old, we need to keep our sense of excitement intact and that is possible only if we keep on setting new goals for us. Doing that will not only keep your body fit and youthful, who knows, it may delay your death too. After all, we die only when the body realizes that there is nothing left to achieve.  

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