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How To Lose Weight In 2 Weeks

How to lose weight fast depends on what you eat:

Losing weight is not an impossible target. But question is how to lose weight in 2 weeks. Is it really possible? Believe me, it is possible.
I have discussed earlier in this blog that Carbohydrates are bad for us. Everybody knows that. We all know that eating bread, pasta etc. on a regular basis is really bad for us.

But you must have noticed that eating Carbohydrate effects only a few of us. There are so many people around us who keep eating all kind of bad carbohydrates but still manage to keep slim waist line, good muscle and low belly fat. There must be a reason for that. So I decided to do a bit of research and the result of my research will shock you. I am going to share these results with you.
What I found that the people who are able to consume Carb diets have a very very well known hormone Insulin working for them and not against them. They have a very high level of insulin sensitivity which not only helps Carbs to be stored as energy in muscles instead of piling up fat around your waist. Also, Insulin optimizes blood sugar management, i.e it removes sugar from the blood with super efficiency.
Most of us live with reduced insulin sensitivity and the one who have body with very good insulin sensitivity, are able to consume Carbs without restricting themselves. Reduced sensitivity to Insulin, is mostly a result of years of intake of fast junk food, processed food etc. Remember, forget about body fitness, reduced sensitivity to Insulin may result heart decease, diabetes, Alzheimer decease, stroke etc.
OK guys, this all about the problems. If there are problems, then we must have solutions. Fortunately we have solution to increase our sensitivity to Insulin. And the wonder food that helps us achieve this, is Cinnamon. It has been found that with proper exercise and consumption of 6 gm of Cinnamon for 40 days reduces the sugar level in the blood by 20%. But every good news unfortunately is followed by a bad news. In this case, if you are buying your Cinnamon from the local grocery store, 99% percent chances are that it is just a saw dust mixed with Cinnamon oil to add fragrance to it. In USA, it was found that out of 6 brands when tested in lab, 3 did not had Cinnamon at all and the other 3 had a very small percentage of Cinnamon. A few of the brands irradiate Cinnamon to increase its shelf life.
Other spices which are very useful to reduce insulin resistance are:

1) Berberine: Used in Ayurveda as Vetrilai Kasthuri
2) Cinnamomum cassia: It is nothing but Chinese Cinnamon
3) 4-hydroxyisoleucine 4HI: It is an essence derived Fenugreek.
4) R-alpha-lipoic acid

What I am trying to bring out here is that just following a diet plan will not work for you unless it is done properly for your body as every body is unique.
Now point is how to consume these natural wonder food if they are so difficult to find.
Fortunately a USA based company Bio-Trust Nutrition has come out with new product IC-5 who have added the best of all 5 spices in form of tablets. I will very strongly recommend you to try this. This supplement has no side effects and all the spices have been mixed in a very natural way.

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