Saturday, October 27, 2012

Do Modded Controllers Really Improve your Gaming Skills

 PS3 and XBOX Modded Controllers:

Once Marshall McLuhan said "We become what we behold, We shape our tools and then our tools shape us". Your tools play a very important role in improving your productivity, skill, expertise and efficiency. The same is true to improve your gaming skills. If you have the right controllers, you will definitely have an edge over your competitors. 
My daughter was after me to buy a good controller for her PS3. Now how to define "Good Controller" was a real challenge for me. So I did what everybody does in this situation. I googled the term "PS3 controllers" and started reviewing the controllers one by one. It was not as easy as I had expected. I came across a few new terminologies for these controllers. The first one that caught my attention was "Modded Controller". This modded controller provides automation to your standard controller in such a way that your single fire weapon is turned into rapid fire automatic weapon. Obviously if you are playing with a modded controller against a player who doesn't have a luxury of modded controller, your chances of winning will sky rocket by 300% (Well it is my guess, not a specification provided by these modded controller manufacturers).  

I liked the look of the following few models:

PS3 Modded Controllers:

 XBOX Modded Controllers:

As far as features and specifications are concerned, instead of going into technical details, watch the video below to see whether you like the features of these controller.

Click here to watch Modded Controllers In Action

PS: Are you wondering what this post is doing in my blog "Body Fitness Myths"? Well, I have found that PS3 and XBOX are great tools to uplift your mind-body synchronization. Only problem that you need to be careful is that these games are quite addictive and your discipline will play a very important role to take the best out of these games.


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