Sunday, February 5, 2012

Are weight watchers living with nature?

This is a known fact that human body is controlled by brain. The emotions create chemicals which affect our body. These effects may be positive and negative. This fact makes it very clear that punishing the body on the name of weight loss or body fitness, will only have a negative affect on our body as well as our mind.

Before you start any kind of fitness plan, you need to program your mind. It has to be programmed in such a way that your primary aim to join any fitness plan, is to feel healthy and good and not only to look good. I have come across hundreds of people who go for stupid fitness plans like “loose 30kg in 30 days” or “weight loss for dummies”. Although, initially they achieve weight loss, but does it really make them healthy? Many of them start complaining about lack of energy, fatigue, mental imbalance, depression and many more symptoms of various diseases which actually are the byproducts of their so called body fitness plans. Their newly found problems lead them to next step of trying to find a cure for these diseases. Again they come across thousands of so called experts available for these deceases and all of them allure these gullible fellows to take a short cut to over come the problems. This becomes like a chain reaction, one problem leads to another.

So what do we need to learn from these exercises? Our first step towards achieving a sound and healthy body should be to understand how nature works. Once we understand “How nature works”, our next step should be to become a part of nature. Once we do that, our next step should be to follow a body and mind fitness plan which compliments nature rather than oppose it. Why I have used the phrase “body and mind fitness plan” instead of “body fitness plan” because rest assured, there is nothing like only body fitness unless it is governed by your mind and soul. I will clarify above by giving an example of treadmill. I just don’t understand why you should be running in a claustrophobic room instead of running on a beach with clear sun and natural abundance of beauty soothing your brain through your eyes! See, every part of your body is being complemented when you are jogging in a place like that. And what happens on the treadmill? You are torturing your body, with your eyes always on Speedo meter, your brain always being fed with some data related to your target and always being told what a failure you are. All These inputs to the brain generate chemicals attributing to causing more damage to your body rather than improving it. On the other hand, when you are jogging on the beach on a sunny beautiful morning your eyes are fed with beautiful landscape, you breathe fresh air and your brain is automatically fed with these beautiful inputs. The whole approach becomes very positive leading to your overall improvement in mind and body fitness. I refer site Weight Watchers Points for further reading, many free eBooks on body fitness and interesting news letters.

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