Saturday, December 31, 2011

Mike Geary's Healthy Morning Breakfast

Mike just had a conversation with a good friend of mine who said she needs options for FAST "on-the-go" healthy breakfasts, because she doesn't have time in the morning to make a full omelette and veggies breakfast.

This is a problem for a lot of people and most people end up resorting to a cereal breakfast or bagel or toast breakfast, which is NOT good if you're looking to get truly lean and healthy.

Remember as I've talked about many times before that studies consistently show that people that eat cereal or other carbohydrate-based breakfasts such as bagels, toast, or muffins typically struggle more with bodyweight (and blood sugar, cravings, etc) compared to those that eat more of a protein and healthy fat based breakfast.

As you know, I tend to favor having eggs and veggies (and avocado) as my breakfast of choice. But as my friend asked here, she doesn't have time in the morning to make an omelette breakfast.

So what are the best choices so that you don't have to resort to cereals, bagels, and other carb-based breakfasts that will make you fatter, cause your blood sugar to go crazy, and have you craving more carbs the rest of the day?

Here were my suggestions for FAST, but healthy options that will help your goal in getting lean and also controlling blood sugar:

Option 1. On your way out of the house, grab a piece of fruit (an apple, orange, pear, or bag of berries) and a ziplock bag of almonds, pecans, or walnuts. Go with raw nuts if possible to prevent the poly-unsaturated fats from oxidizing as can happen in roasted nuts. But even roasted nuts are a better option compared to cereals or bagels.

You might want to get a little extra protein to go with this breakfast too, so try to swig down a quick glass of a quality whey protein (preferably raw grass-fed whey) before leaving the house.

Option 2. Another quick option for a healthy blood sugar stabilizing breakfast is to make a quick protein and berry smoothie. If you need to get out of the house quick in the morning, it only takes a minute to blend up a smoothie, put it in a to-go container and head out.

Try to mix in some frozen berries for extra fiber and antioxidants as well as some nutrient dense chia seeds and/or hemp seeds for extra nutrition. Some organic unsweetened cocoa powder adds helpful blood pressure lowering antioxidants.

Unsweetened almond milk or coconut milk makes a great base for the smoothie, and you can try either a whey protein, or a mix such as Prograde Lean (which as 35 gms of protein and 8 gms of blood sugar controlling fiber).

Option 3. And yet another great option for a FAST and healthy breakfast "on-the-go" is simply to grab a couple hard boiled eggs and veggie sticks (and maybe some hummus too). You can't go wrong with this nutrient-rich breakfast as it's the perfect breakfast to get super lean and keep your blood sugar and appetite 100% controlled.

There you have it... 3 perfect options for fast "on-the-go" lean body breakfasts! Rotate all 3 of these ideas if you need variety each week.

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