Friday, January 17, 2014

Are you Mentally And Emotionally Strong?

Are you mentally and emotionally strong? There is a great trend in the world today to take our body fitness seriously. This is a very good trend but is it sufficient? When We look at our happiness index, it will be determined by combining the result of our body, mind and soul. So we need to work on all the three and we will be unable to achieve the goal of happiness if even one of these factors in our life are week. See, what happened to Sunanda Pushkar. She is beautiful and has a nearly perfect body. But if you can not handle an uncomfortable situation, you do not do justice to your life and sometimes it leads us to disastrous results with such panic attacks or anxiety attacks, as in the case of Sunanda Pushkar

We have discussed enough about body fitness and meditation in our previous posts. Now time has come to concentrate on Positive Thinking. Only if people are trained in this area, so many disasters like what happened to Sunanda Pushkar can be averted.

Today life in the world, specially in Asian countries have become so competitive that people have forgotten to live a positive life and a little bit of setback unsettles their approach towards their life. This becomes worse when the fast and competitive life combines with stigmas related to this status conscious society. Even if somebody can handle setbacks as an individual, the pressure from the society is so enormous that he or she is forced to give in to their pressure.
I saw one example of such Panic Attacks in the following video. Click Here for more....

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