Friday, September 28, 2012

Is lack of advancement in Agriculture sector in Pakistan, a boon in disguise for its people?

A few days back, I had posted about great flavour in one of Pakistani's unbranded rice. Many of you agreed saying that they have also come accross a few great Pakistani food. This week, I was a bit more adventurous, and decided to do our grocery shopping at a local Pakistani store and guys...It was really great. We bought Pakistani Basmati Rice "Kayamat" and then we realised what we were missing!!

I am now sure that the deterioration of quality in Indian food is the direct result of over-use of pesticides and genetical modification of seeds, food etc. When I saw so much variation in its taste, I started thinking  about its nutritional values or addition of poison which is passed by pesticides in small percentages? India and China are in competition to grow more food fast when the rest of the world is talking about organic farming. Believe me guys, You are not finding the difference because, you are just consuming what is available. Now this difference can not come only because we have drawn a line between Indian Punjab and Pakistani Punjab. This variation is a direct result of so called great research in India in the agriculture sector which has gone into a very self-degrading direction. This normally happens when you do not have a proper regulating body to provide a proper direction to the area of research. We have totally forgotten about quality and like China, the whole emphasis is on quantity.

The matter now looks too serious to me as it is going to affect the whole generation to come.

I know that many people will immidiately go into critisizing mode as soon as they read the word "Pakistan". But we need to learn from all possible sources and I am sure that just shouting slogans like "Bharat Mata Ki Jai" and Pakistan Murdabad is not going to solve any problem.

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