Saturday, July 7, 2012

"Lose weight fast" tip of the weekend

Many people are spending thousands of dollars in order to lose weight fast without getting any proper results. What you actually need is a change in your lifestyle with proper guidance for reducing your weight and unwanted fat in an healthier way.
I will give you one such tip today which is free to do and very effective.
Our body contains two types of fat, white and brown. White fat is the dirty one responsible for generating unwanted fat around our waiste, belly, back etc. Brown fat is the one which releases energy in order to burn the white fat. e.g. when we feel too cold, brown fat releases energy to make us feel warm and it does that by burning white fat and in the process it also, helps us reduce blood pressure and detox our body and thus providing instant tune up to our bodies.
Brown fat resides around our neck, chest and the back.
To do this you may start your shower with hot water and slowly turn the tap to make the water colder and colder till it turns into normal cold water. You need to be in the cold water shower only for thirty minutes for the brown fat to be triggered and start releasing energy by burning white fat. Make it your habbit and see the result. It will not only help you lose weight fast but also revitalise your body.
I am not telling that it will act as a magic pill to reduce your weight over night but this will be one of those factors which help you reduce fat in an healthy way. And this kind of change of life style I recommend for your body fitness. Keep reading my blog for more exciting health tips in future.

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