Friday, April 1, 2011

Toothache.... It just becomes unbearable.

I had a terrible toothache yesterday and nothing seemed to work. To make the situation worse, I had a throat infection also. Mouth wash with warm salt water did not work. I tried garlic which failed. Then I tried mouth wash with whiskey, but it made the condition worse as it very badly affected my throat infection. Then, I put ginger paste on my tongue and then again mouth washed with whiskey. So far, out all my inventions this worked the best but still I tossed here and there on bed whole night.
Next day my Cheeks had swollen like balloons and I decided to call my dentist. I got an appointment after 2 days with the assurance that I may visit emergency i the condition worsens.
Then, I got a call from one of my friends, Ilesh who asked me to try his mother's recipe of applying vicks ointment on the cheek. I was not very convinced but by now I was in so much pain that I was even ready to try poison.
So, I ran to the nearest Pharmacist and bought a bottle of vicks. I applied 3 time in 15 minutes and There went the pain like magic.You may also try this when you have toothache but don't forget to thank Ilesh and his mother for this wonderful home remedy.

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