Saturday, April 10, 2010

body trim weight loss system

Are you spending lots of money and time on various commercially available toys making tall claims about body fitness and healthy body recommending fast weight loss exercises? You spend your money and precious time in order to get ultimate frustration? If this is your case then this report is for you.
In spite of very commendable research and development in the field of heath science, we hardly know anything and have very many unanswered questions. Most of fitness related online weight loss programs are nothing but cheap dollar earning gimmick.Easy target for this are women for obvious reasons. So many websites are giving weight loss tips for women. Multinational pharmaceutical companies being a part of this scam only make the thing worse.
Flow with nature and nothing else is required to keep your body trim and fit. Nature has given us milk which has a balanced amount of butter, just sufficient for the body requirement but we are not satisfied with that and we extract the butter from milk. If that is not enough we invent fast food concept and use butter like crazy. And when symptoms of going against the nature starts appearing on our body, we start developing medicines and various artificial exercise to overcome these effects. These things suppress our immediate problems but begin a new set of problems as the natural body equilibrium is disturbed.
Before the electric power was invented it was very natural to eat your dinner before dark, which is very a very right time for taking dinner. Then we invent artificial light, start doing the tasks in the night which were supposed to be done during the day, have problems and then start developing ways to overcome these problems and in that process invent more problems.
We invent vehicles, don’t walk and then go to gym to provide artificial exercise to body which the body was supposed to get in a natural way. We are going towards more and more automation and to compensate for these automations, every day we are inventing a new way of punishing our bodies.
Believe me, follow the nature, and no fitness or diet course is required. It is never too late.
Your body is already spoilt and it will take some time to adjust with nature again and it will require some effort from your side.
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